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Links to useful sites in Klamath County for business and pleasure:

Things to do in Crater Lake's back yard!  Things to do near Crater Lake!

Klamath County Klamath County Government site, for permits, department information, voting, etc.
Klamath Chamber “…the oldest active business advocacy organization in town, serving Klamath County since 1905”
Schools Information about all the district schools in one place.
History State of Oregon site for historical resources.
Klamath County Museums  Three local museums with exceptional articles and displays.
Library Information about the library, including how to check out digital books and audio books.
Calculators A simple mortgage calculator PLUS lots of information about loans, what they are, how to apply, etc. Really great information, and no flashing, revolving ads!
Copyright, Terms of Service Our privacy and terms of use page, as required by law.
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